Sugar Free Vodka Lemonade

Well here we go.

My friends and family would never have believed it, but I’m starting a blog. I won’t always be the one writing however. My son Kyle is a member of the team now and brings a fresh and certainly qualified perspective to this Blog. He’s a Certified Sommelier and owns a hospitality consulting business called Fork Tender Hospitality®. And dare I not forget Rene, who keeps us in business by handling anything involving paperwork and her specialty, internet marketing. She brings a different perspective, having spent more time sitting at a bar than tending one but through years of, uh….research, has developed a refined palate.

I’ve been doing this beverage catering thing a long time now. So long that it seems surreal when I calculate the years – 25. When I started there were no other beverage caterers in the greater Cincinnati area or the whole state of Ohio for that matter. There was no business model to copy. I had to blaze the trail, essentially create my own market. Furthermore, I’ve been blessed with the ability to keep good staff. This is a service oriented business and friendly, personable bartenders who sincerely enjoy what they do, are the key.

It’s great to see the changes that have taken place the last few years in the food and beverage world, with craft cocktails and the interest in locally-sourced fresh ingredients. Traditionally I grimaced when someone referred to me as a mixologist (thinking this was akin to calling a janitor a maintenance engineer) but many of the young people working in this industry today deserve the title “mixologist”. Their creations are not only unique, but very tasty. We plan to feature cocktails from various establishments over the next several months so stay tuned.

As the owner of Bars on Wheels, I’m frequently asked “What do you drink”? In the summer season (when I’m concerned about my waist size from the heavy beers I drank over the winter), I really enjoy kicking back with a sugar free vodka lemonade.

Sugar Free Vodka Lemonade

1 ½ ounces of fresh squeezed lemon juice (or any citrus you have on hand)

2 ounces of inexpensive vodka (save your premium vodka for a martini)

Plenty of ice 10-15 drops of liquid stevia extract (to taste)

4 ounces of club soda Stir!

Garnish with a lemon wheel (instructions here), then dipped in kosher salt and hung on the side of a tall glass