The Fruits of Fall Cocktails

With the flavors of fall around the corner, Bars On Wheels compiled a list of fruits for fall cocktails to look forward to!

The Fruits of Fall Cocktails


With so many varieties to choose from, we definitely think the dentist-friendly apple is under rated. Make a spiced cider with the Gala variety or a bright Margarita with a Granny Smith or Golden Delicious.


Fall cocktails regularly highlight the pumpkins versatility behind the bar and deservedly so.  Scoop out the good stuff, then roast and push through a fine sieve for a smooth puree, next eat the salted seeds for a snack while you get to carving!  Yes this is technically not a fruit, but anyways…


One of our favorite fall fruits that often gets forgotten about, Persimmons are akin to the tomato of fall, yet with more sweetness.  How about a Persimmon Bloody Mary?!?


Mmmm, poached pears in brown butter have us salivating.  We say juice them for a healthier alternative mixer for a juniper-forward Gin like Tanqueray, the beginning of a round of perfect fall cocktails.


When fresh, these acidic berries can be muddled much like a lime for a creative twist on a mojito or mint julep.


With an antioxidant level that is off the charts, Pomegranate juice is a favorite of the health-conscious, and therefore an even better reason to add it to your pre-party Champagne Cocktail.

Stay tuned for recipes…and, as always, drink responsibly!


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