Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We are a complete bartending service that provides everything required for your private events’ beverage needs. It is our mission to fully relieve you of this concern!

Do you provide bartenders only?

We do not provide labor only. At times, however, we may make exceptions.

Can we change the package selections and brands?

Absolutely. We will happily work with you to customize our packages.

What other beers can we choose?

As long as we can acquire it, we will serve it. If the selections are more expensive however, we will only charge you the difference in our cost.

Can you explain the attire that your staff commonly wear in more detail?

Our standard attire is all black business professional and/or cocktail style. We would love to match your event’s theme with advance notice!

Do you provide glassware?

Our bar packages include high-quality disposable cups, but not glassware. 

Do you charge for the total number of attendees or only for those that drink alcohol?

Our prices are based on the average consumption for all guests over 21 years old. We are aware that not all adults will drink alcohol, but others will also have more than their “share.”

How much money is required upfront and when is the final amount due?

We require a non-refundable $100 booking deposit to secure the date, then 50% of the balance 30 days prior, and full payment (with headcount) 7 days before the event unless head count increases.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

We currently accept payment via check, cash, credit card, or online with PayPal or Square.

Is gratuity included?

Our bar package pricing always includes gratuity. Our bartenders will place tip jars on the bar unless the host wishes a no tip jar option, in this case, we will adjust the gratuity accordingly.

Our event plans to go longer than your 4-hour pricing structure, what is the price per additional hour?

Each additional hour beyond 4 hours is charged ¼ the package price per hour per person.

Do you provide any additional furniture, for example high-top cocktail tables?

We only offer our primary bar(s).