Bar Packages

Beer/Wine/Soda Only

Full Bar Plus



Welcome Cocktail with Edible Flower Garnish
Champagne Toast
Specialty Versatile Cocktails with Alcohol-free Options
Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar
Classic Cocktail Bar
Music, And More

Note: Under 21 pricing available for $2.95/per person in combination with any package and includes non alcoholic options. *Under 21 package is not available as a ‘stand-alone’ package.

All package pricing is based on a minimum 4-hour service time and does not include labor (see below for labor). Bar package pricing for events longer than 4-hours are pro-rated depending on the package selected and the additional amount of time beyond the minimum 4-hours.

Labor costs are $200 per bartender based on a 4-hour event. Longer events are priced at an additional $50 per hour per bartender. Lastly, we reserve the right to determine the correct number of staff and portable bars to ensure your events’ success.

Most importantly, we can customize any package to suit your needs and will be happy to accommodate you.